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Aim of Junior Activities

To provide an enjoyable experience for the children

To teach and develop basic surf safety skillsTo provide competition for children at various levels i.e. Club, Branch, State

To build an atmosphere of belonging and Club spirit so that the children will be encouraged to progress through the ranks and become active members of the Club.

Welcome to our Club


We would love for you to come and join us. Our aim is for all of our Nippers to gain understanding and confidence with the Surf. We are a smaller club that offers that personal service and attention to all of our Nippers. We like our Parents to be involved on a Sunday and also hope that they can join us for a few Patrols. 


We are very excited to see all of our members from previous seasons return and know you will be more than helpful with any new members 


Registrations will open Monday 5th August 2020- For the most up to date information please follow our fakebook page. We will also hold registration help days to assist and answer questions as needed. 


Things will look a little different this season with Covid-19 restrictions. This is something we are adapting to as we progress through to the start of the season. We ask that everyone please be patient and understanding with us as we make necessary changes as they come to hand.



  • How do I enrol my child?
    If you are a new Member click here If you are an existing member click here
  • Do I need to register as a parent?
    Yes at least 1 parent/ guardian needs to join with a Nipper registration
  • Are you an Active Kids Provider?
    Yes, we are. Please organise your Active Kids Voucher prior to registering online
  • Does my child need to be a good swimmer?
    As our activities are based in the surf, it is expected that all Nippers have a reasonable level of swimming ability. There is a pre-season Proficiency Swim that all Nippers need to complete to be able to participate in activities. The requirements are listed in the Handbook.
  • Do I need to stay at the beach?
    Yes, the registered parent/ guardian needs to be present at the beach for the whole time Nippers is underway.


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